A New Tank Mix Partner for Superior Herbicide Performance and Cost Benefit

This is an advertorial sponsored by Attune Agriculture

Ampersand® adjuvant’s unique four-prong approach focuses on drift control, adhesion, evaporation protection and wash off resistance to get your herbicide to the plant, and keep it there longer.  When field tested with Suppress and Homeplate, the addition of Ampersand was able to reduce the use rate from 6% to 3% for both herbicides while achieving the same level of performance.  That reduction equates to a savings of at least 40%, or $78.50 per acre.
Though very different in composition from Suppress and Homeplate, Weed Slayer is exceptionally compatible with Ampersand as well.  Results at the 2% use rate are comparable with results at the 1% use rate with the addition of Ampersand.  This use rate reduction results in a cost savings of 41%, or $86 per acre.
For more information on how Ampersand can help your Fall herbicide spray program, visit www.attuneag.com.


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