Screening of 1,000 Acala Cotton Lines

For Fusarium Race 4 Resistance Using O&A’s Site-Specific Mass Screening Protocol in a High Spore Count “HOT” Field(s)

Photos taken right after planting and again at harvest time. (Photos courtesy of J. Olvey.)

Work Completed

  • Selected 1,100 Acala Cotton Lines to be screened.
  • Prepared seed (ginned, delinted, treated, and packaged) for planting.
  • Planted seed in multiple testing locations.
  • Took multiple stand evaluations to determine the degree of FOV-4 damage.

Findings to Date

  • The year started off well with good stands on all Acala Lines.
  • Upon the completion of stand evaluations, we eliminated over 800 Acala Lines as being susceptible to FOV-4.

Work to Be Completed

  • Determine the degree of vascular staining in each Acala Line that has not already been eliminated from stand evaluations.
  • Rate each Acala Line based on productivity.
  • Assemble data and analysis throughout the year.
  • Complete Final Report.
Dr. James M. Olvey, Ph.D.
President at O & A Enterprises, Inc. | + posts


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